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Forget About the Risky Fillers, Botox or Surgery. Try this Instead.

Revolutionary New Technology based on Nobel Prize Winning Mechanism

FDA Approved: Painless, 100% Safe, Proven and No Downtime

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    Have you heard of placenta facials?

    These are proven, backed-by-science anti-ageing treatments well-loved by celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Hailey Baldwin.

    The rich placental extract contains an abundance of vitamins, growth factors and enzymes. It is inserted directly into the dermis layer and helps the skin to repair itself by boosting collagen production.

    The result is firmer, bouncier, more youthful skin!

    However, you probably already know these are not legal/common in Singapore… not to mention the ick factor of animal/human placenta…

    Are riskier and more painful botox, fillers or even surgery really the way to go?

    In fact, those aren’t your only options.

    Introducing Biotech Nano Growth Factor Treatment: Cutting Edge Synthetic Placenta 250x more Growth Factor than Human Placenta

    For Bouncy, Baby Smooth Skin - Vegan and Cruelty Free

    Visible results in 1 session

    Using the latest technology mesoinjector, we deliver the miracle synthetic placenta straight into the dermis layer. That means a speedy absorption rate and fast-acting growth factors. 

    That’s how we ensure brighter, bouncier and tighter skin within just 1 session.

    But that’s not the end. Your skin will continue producing collagen and regaining elasticity as your cells continue to rebuild and repair themselves on a cellular level.

    Painless, Comfortable, No Downtime

    You’ll only feel slight pressure and warmth on your skin.

    Our FDA approved machine is the latest electroporation mesotherapy technology - it combines Meso-chip aqua channel penetration technology and 3D Liquid lifting anti-ageing technology.

    It uses a micro-tip to safely open the water channels on the skin for painless serum delivery. 

    In fact, we’ve tried and tested this treatment on our beauticians and founders themselves, to ensure that it is 100% safe and risk-free. 

    Safe, Proven and Backed by Science

    Animal placenta and human placenta are used for their naturally-occuring Growth Factors.

    Thanks to modern science, we’ve found a way to replicate this natural, organic material in a lab setting. A synthetic, vegan and cruelty-free placenta!

    Not only does it stimulate the anti-aging benefits of human placenta, Biotech Nano Growth Factor even multiplies it 250 times!

    That means 250x the effectiveness at

    • healing acne scars and hyperpigmentation 
    • renewing the surface of the skin
    • boosting collagen production and skin elasticity

    Real Results from Satisfied Customers

    What is Biotech Nano Growth Factor?

    Growth Factor is a naturally occurring substance capable of stimulating cell turnover, wound healing, and collagen and elastin production. 

    They are naturally found in human stem cells, platelet-rich plasma and human/animal placenta.

    For Biotech Nano Growth factor, we’ve managed to use biotechnology to recreate the genetic structure of the growth factor in human placenta. But better. 

    5 types of growth factor

    75x more growth factor than pig placenta

    250x more growth factor than human placenta

    This nano-sized soluton contains. 4 different Growth Factors  (EGF, IGF-2, aFGF and TRX), Lecithin and Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil.

    Not only is it vegan and cruelty-free (unlike the conventional human/animal placenta), it is also paraben free, mineral oil free, colorants free, silicone free, perfume free.

    In particular, EGF (epidermal growth factor) is a Nobel prize-winning mechanism discovery that accelerates skin tissue growth by boosting metabolic activity. 

    Paired with the revolutionary new mesojet injector that uses

    • meso-chip aqua penetration technology
    • electroporation ion channel transdermal technology

    The result is a painless, smooth process that’s guaranteed to show visible results within just 1 session

    More Reasons to Choose Us

    No Hidden Fees

    We practice 100% transparency, there will be no consultants to hustle you into packages you don’t need. Only professional advice from our therapists with minimum 6 years of experience working with Beautehub group.

    Treatment Exclusive to Us

    You’ll not find another beauty center in Singapore with this exclusive Biotech Nano Growth Factor Treatment. We are the first in Singapore to gain access to this revolutionary new synthetic human placenta treatment.

    Brought to you by Beautehub Group

    MONDE de l'Esthétique is part of Beautehub Group together with our Beaute Hub, BH Medical and Beaute Nails, with more than 9 other beauty outlets in Singapore. We've been in Singapore for nearly 10 years and rest assured we'll still be here to fulfil any pre-purchased packages for years to come.

    Painless, Comfortable 60 Min Process

    step 1

    Skin Analysis

    Everyone’s skin is different. Our therapists with >6 years of experience conduct a professional skin analysis to customise the product and treatment to your unique skin type and problem areas.

    step 2

    Double Cleanse

    Clears your skin of any make-up, dirt or impurities, so we have a clean base for a more effective treatment.

    step 3

    Steaming and Extraction

    Steaming softens your pores and preps them for a smoother, more efficient extraction process. We help to extract bridging pimples and stubborn blackheads.

    step 4

    Spectra Pulse Light

    Spectra Pulse Light (complimentary worth $!)

    step 5

    Biotech Nano Growth Factor Treatment

    You’ll feel a slight warmth and pressure on your face as we deliver nano sized molecules straight into the dermis layer.

    step 6

    Soothing Face Massage

    Lie back and drift off into sleep under our therapist’s magical touch.

    step 7

    Face and Eye Mask

    After treatment, it’s crucial to rehydrate the skin. This protects your skin barrier and ensures a longer lasting effect.

    step 8


    Your skin would be extra sensitive after going through any kind of facial treatment, that's why SPF is especially important. (In fact, you should be wearing and reapplying sunscreen daily!)

    What Others Have to Say

    About Beaute Hub

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When will I see results?

    We’re confident that you will be able to see some visibly bouncier, brighter and tighter skin after the very first session.

    But that’s not the end. Your skin will continue producing collagen and regaining elasticity as your cells continue to rebuild and repair themselves on a cellular level.

    Will there be any hard-selling during the treatment? Please be honest.

    MONDE de l'Esthétique practises 100% transparency, there will be no consultants to hustle you into packages you don’t need.

    We are very confident in the effectiveness and believe in letting the results speak for itself.

    Our therapists have minimum 6 years of experience working with Beautehub group. They only give professional advice and recommendations based on our skin analysis and understanding of your specific beauty goals. There’s no obligation to make any other purchase unless you want to.

    Can I still go for this treatment during covid period?

    Rest assured that we’ve established new procedures to maintain high hygiene standards and do our part to keep all who pass through our outlets safe.

    On top of regular cleaning (sweeping/mopping), we also sanitise our equipment regularly and between sessions to kill off any bacteria.

    We also provide hand sanitisers at every outlet and our staff test with ART test kits on a regular basis.

    Any customers with flu-like symptoms or coughing are advised to postpone their appointments. All staff wear masks at all times in line with covid regulatory standards to minimise the risk of bacteria transfer.

    Is there any downtime?

    There is absolutely no downtime. You can comfortably reapply make-up, go out for a meal with friends or right back to work immediately after.

    The MesoInfinity is an FDA approved machine.

    This is a 100% safe and scientifically-backed proven treatment. Vegan and cruelty-free and with absolutely no downtime.

    Does it really not hurt?

    We’ve tested it on our own staff and founders and confirmed that this a completely painless treatment.

    You may feel some warmth and some pressure as the mesoinjector travels over your skin. But not to worry, our trained staff are able to react and adjust the pressure in the unlikely event that you feel any kind of discomfort.

    Limited to the first 88 customers.

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      *Terms and conditions apply

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